Thank you so much for stopping by! We are S.Y. Choo and Cindy Yap, the founders and dynamic duo of My Story Production. We started off as biotechnologists, but upon discovering our fiery passion for the arts of photography and make-up during our university years, we have decided to collaborate and kick off this amazing production team; and we both decided not to look back after graduation.

We started off as a small team shooting portraits of our fellow coursemates, friends and family. We then moved on to covering university events and official functions. Until today, we have already covered up to 150 numbers of shoot, covering a wide range of people and themes. My Story Production is now a team of 5, each with a different specialization and portfolio that are sure to deliver, regardless of the occasion.

Of course, all of these wouldn’t be possible without your valuable help and support, the main driving factor for us to perform better and to continue our services to you. Thank you so much, and we look forward to our next meeting!